Missy Rush, Instructor/Co- Executive Director

Missy Rush has been a certified PATH, Intl. instructor and a certified riding instructor in Massachusetts since 1998. She is a BCBA, LBS and Obtained her Masters of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis from Drexel University. Her undergrad is a B.S Equine Business Management from Centenary College. Missy also has a disable daughter, and currently works with early intervention as a behavior specialist. Horses and Therapeutic Riding has been her passion since she was a little girl and bought her first horse with lawn mowing money. She is very excited to have the opportunity to start Beyond Balance and spread her passion and love of horses and their healing power to as many people as possible.

Susy Berg, Instructor/Co- Executive Director

Susy Berg began her involvement with therapeutic riding as a volunteer over 13 years ago. She has two disabled sisters that share her love of horses. Susy received a degree in Animal Biology and a certificate in Animal Assisted Therapy from Delaware Valley College, and her Masters in Special Ed from Drexel University. She currently works as a teacher in a multi-disabled room at a local special school. Susy loves spending her time with her husband, daughter and the horses. The creation of Beyond Balance is a dream come true for Susy and she can't wait to see it grow into a successful, beneficial organization.

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Board Members

Beyond Balance Board members include Karen, Kirsten, Susy, Mike, Nicole, Missy


Beyond Balance is a safe place where disabilities become abilities, fear and frustration become joy and excitement, and anxiety becomes laughter. The program has allowed my daughter to build competence and confidence, both at Beyond Balance and in all aspects of her life. Susy, Missy and all of the volunteers are amazing people who have dedicated themselves to helping children enrich their lives. Their warm, non-judgmental attitude allows the children to be comfortable and express themselves. The trainers treat each child as an individual, building on their strengths, yet empathizing with their concerns. The horses are gentle, loving, and protective. My daughter has formed a close bond with the horse she usually rides. The horse has built her sense of trust, and given her hope and unconditional acceptance. It is amazing and powerful to see a child connect and collaborate with a large horse during the lessons. The program does teach children how to care for a horse and how to ride a horse. The trainers expect that children will learn a skill while attending the program and the children are excited to oblige. It is absolutely amazing to see my fifty-pound daughter riding a large animal with such control and ease. I highly recommend this program to anyone who has a child with a special need. It has consistently been a source of happiness for my daughter. This program has been a gift to our entire family. Rhoda Dompier mother of 6 yr old Alex

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