How Can You Help?

Whinny Wishes!

Each one of our horses is a very important member of our team, they deserve the very best. Every team member we have has special needs of their own. The Items on our Whinny Wish list are things that these wonderful horses need every day, week or month.

1) $30.00, one day of care oer horse.
2) $120.00, 1 Farrier visit. Each horse needs to have their feet trimmed every 6 weeks.
3) $150.00, one visit from the vet for Spring Shots and check up for one horse.
4) $200.00, 2 months supply of supplements for all of the horses.
5) $2000.00, one months board for all of horses.
6) $5000.00, care for one horse for an entire year.

Want to help Beyond Balance, but might not have the time to volunteer on a weekly basis? Here are some great ways to help!

Add us to your corporate giving! Most corporations have a giving program that will match your donations to Beyond Balance. Some programs you can allocate a certain amout out of your paycheck to go right to Beyond Balance as a tax deductable donation.

Prefer to shop online? Search, Shop and Save while earning money for Beyond Balance!

You can earn Beyond Balance a donation every time you search the Internet and shop online!!! Enter Beyond Balance on GoodSearch.com and Search the web with Yahoo-powered GoodSearch.com and they’ll donate a penny to Beyond Balance each time you search! Shop at more than 600 GoodShop.com merchants including Amazon, Best Buy, Toys R Us, and others, and a percentage of each purchase will go to Beyond Balance!

As a volunteer-based non-profit organization we rely upon the generous support of our volunteer team, in-kind donations of goods and services and contributions from individuals and corporations. Thanks to their generous support we are able to keep our fee base low. Our fees are less than half of the actual cost it takes to provide service to a rider. If you are aware of an opportunity that may assist us, please let us know. You may be able to help us by: introducing us to local businesses/individuals who may want to support us, hosting a fundraising event in your community such as a garage sale or car wash, researching your employer’s charitable giving program (some will match employee contributions or will give a $ amount for volunteer hours worked) or introduce us to service groups that you may be a member of such as Kiwanis or Rotary so we can make presentations to educate and inform the public about the benefits of therapeutic riding.

Our Wish list needs are ongoing, some of our current needs are:

Hay for winter
Helmets of different sizes
Extra long reins
New brushes of different types
Muck bucket
Pitch Fork

Many of these Items can be found at our long time supporter, Toll Booth Saddle Shop
If you are a participating rider of Beyond Balance, you can get your helmets and boots at a 10% discount if you mention you participate at Beyond Balance!