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Beyond Balance Mission Statement
Beyond Balance is a nonprofit volunteer based organization that provides horseback riding and related equine assisted activities to individuals with special needs in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. "Surpassing all boundaries."

Beyond Balance is located a privately owned farm in Pemberton, NJ. Melissa Palmer, Missy Rush and Susy Berg founded Beyond Balance and achieved our non profit status in October of 2006. The owners of the farm have generously let Beyond Balance start and continue to grow our therapy riding program. Beyond Balance is a growing organization with experienced staff, horses and instructors. Long-term objectives are to secure our own facility to support the growing needs of the program with yearly philanthropy and annual fundraisers.


All staff and volunteers strive to make Beyond Balance a fun beneficial activity for everyone. Anyone can enjoy the wonders of horses and animals in a loving, caring environment that Beyond Balance tries to cultivate.

Benefits of Therapeutic Riding
All students gain confidence by mastering the skill of riding. Anyone can strive to achieve a partnership with the horse, whether a person has a disability or just wants to form a bond with an animal.

Because the movement of the horse is very unique, it moves the rider in a manner similar to the human gait, riders often show improvement in flexibility, balance and strength.

Physical Benefits:
Improves gross and fine motor skills, balance, coordination, reflexes, motor planning, range of motion and muscle tone.

Psychological Benefits:
Improves self-confidence, emotional control, self discipline, risk taking, patience and trust.

Improves remedial reading skills, sequencing, pattering, eye-hand coordination, differentiation, and visual-spatial perception.

Improved social interaction is developed by forming a bond with the horse, therapists, instructors, volunteers and other students.

Along with riding and horsemanship skills the students begin to develop sensitivity to the needs of the horse participating in all the activities involved in horse care such as grooming, feeding, and general care these animals need and love. Through these activities, the student develops an awareness of his own care and needs which he or she can apply to everyday learning.

Beyond Balance operates out of a privately owned farm.  As a reminder, please always call ahead if you are planning a visit out to Beyond Balance to ensure that a Beyond Balance Staff member can meet with you. The owners and other boarders cannot answer your questions. Thank you and we look forward to you joining our team.

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